Ice age

Lemon, mint and pepper sorbet

(Without icecream maker)                                                 

Summer has hit my city and I have to do something about it. While I am busy chasing  UV rays with heaps of sunscreen in another universe, on my blog I will do it with lots and lots of sorbet.

Sorbets remind me of a childhood treat known as ‘gola’. Sorbets charm me with their beautiful icy texture. Sorbets come in tangy flavours that make my lips pucker à la Jolie. And sorbets manage to rouse the most innocuous-seeming cavity. Lucky for my dentist.

Here is one for my afternoon hero. Continue reading

Meet my roll model

Basil oil sprayed zucchini rolls stuffed with mint and pepper Greek yogurt

I have two rules when it comes to working with herbs. One is that I like to tear them roughly instead of chopping them up finely. I feel that this helps the flavours shine more brightly.

 And second, I avoid mixing more than two herbs unless my recipe absolutely demands it. What would a Thai green curry be if I had to choose between lemon grass and kafir lime leaves?

 Since most herbs have a strong flavour of their own, it would be unfair to cut it down with something equally strong. Today, while making a cold appetizer, I let go my rule number two and mixed together mint and basil. Since the recipe uses just one herb at a time and does not muddle them together, the sweetness of the basil and the coolness from mint came out just right. Continue reading

Hotness quotient

Cajun spiced cottage cheese with mint mayo

I like food that is well-spiced but not spicy. Whether I’m having Thai green curry or salad leaves drenched in chilli and lime dressing – I like the heat to be evenly distributed. It should hit me all together or not at all.

Recently, after having some warm bread sparingly sprinkled with Cajun spice, I was so impressed by this sharp spice, I decided to find the recipe.

Working with Cajun spice is a tricky job. If you use too much of it, the dish turns out salty and if you use too little, it turns out all bland. I tried various pairings (Cajun and potatoes, Cajun and tofu) before I hit it with Cajun and cottage cheese.

Since I completely trust Greek yogurt with fiery marinades, I indulged in the colour and flavour of this spice. The creamy-textured yogurt immediately cut down the overuse of my masala and worked overtime to calm down my panting taste buds.

To intensify the coolness, I served the Cajun spiced cottage cheese with a minty mayonnaise dip. Have a look Continue reading