Ice age

Lemon, mint and pepper sorbet

(Without icecream maker)                                                 

Summer has hit my city and I have to do something about it. While I am busy chasing  UV rays with heaps of sunscreen in another universe, on my blog I will do it with lots and lots of sorbet.

Sorbets remind me of a childhood treat known as ‘gola’. Sorbets charm me with their beautiful icy texture. Sorbets come in tangy flavours that make my lips pucker à la Jolie. And sorbets manage to rouse the most innocuous-seeming cavity. Lucky for my dentist.

Here is one for my afternoon hero.


1 glass chilled water

5-6 tablespoons sugar

Juice of 2 lemon

2 teaspoons lemon zest

1teaspoons pepper

2 teaspoons mint (roughly torn)

1 teaspoon salt


In a bowl, mix water, sugar, lemon juice, pepper and salt. Stir all the ingredients until the sugar has evenly dissolved.

Transfer the mixture into an ice tray and  freeze the cubes.

Empty the tray contents in a mixer and blend the cubes until they are completely crushed.

Trasfer this mixture into a bowl and add mint leaves to it. Give it a gentle mix and refrigerate it further for 10 minutes.

Serve chilled.

57 thoughts on “Ice age

  1. Brilliant, love the idea, also perfect recipe for this summer, also the pepper goes with the theme of the season i.e. ‘HEAT’ …

  2. This sounds wonderful, and I will certainly try it. I love all the flavors, and sorbet is perfect for our hot afternoons and evenings. Thank you!

  3. Looks good! You just reminded me of my fondest sorbet memory: Lemon sorbet served inside of a hollowed-out lemon… after eating the most oily and rich Italian meal, nothing beats that sour, cooling food!

  4. My eyes are tired tonight, but I can’t find when to put in the lemon zest. Did I just miss it in the instructions? This looks great! And I will also be trying a sugar free variety, so will let you know what I try and how it works.

  5. Um, that looks amazing! So easy with the ice trays and blender too. The addition of a little pepper is genius, When I make it tonight I think I’m going to take it a step further and add a drop of edible lavender essential oil. YUM!

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