Yellow there

Yellow bell pepper mousse with smoke paprika sprinkled eggplant crispies

I’ve said it several times before and I’m saying it again, eggplants can taste beautiful. Especially when they are stuffed with goat cheese and baked until golden or when they are sliced and layered with creamy sauce and some sunflower nuts or when they are deep-fried and sparingly sprinkled with smoked paprika. Eggplants can taste beautiful.

As a child I was squeamish about eating them. Several people told me about several benefits, but I was stubborn. I didn’t like the way they were so squishy and full of seeds. Until one day a dish called Moussaka converted me for good.  But that is a story for another day.

Ever since I got hooked on to eggplants, I’ve been cooking them in different ways. Today, I fried and served the chips with a savoury mousse made out of yellow peppers.

Ingredients for yellow bell pepper mousse

1 big yellow bell pepper (roasted)

2 cloves of garlic

3/4 cup heavy cream

Salt and pepper as per taste

2 coriander stalks (finely chopped)


In a food processor, blend roasted bell pepper, garlic, salt and pepper.

Transfer the mixture in a bowl and add the heavy cream to it.

Stir the mousse well and let it set in the refrigerator for four hours.

Sprinkle with chopped coriander stalks and serve chilled with hot eggplant chips.

Ingredients for eggplant chips

1 medium-sized eggplant

1 fat pinch sea salt

Oil for frying

1 pinch smoked paprika


Slice eggplant into thin chips and rub it with sea salt. Let it rest for 20 minutes and blot dry it with a paper towel.

Heat oil and fry the chips on low flame until golden brown.

Sprinkle it with smoked paprika and serve hot with the yellow pepper mousse.

44 thoughts on “Yellow there

  1. Eggplants are fav….but the way Sindhi people eat ( thick slices, pan roasted) are like soft, oily and not liked by many.But the crispy chips go well with humble dal rice. And Spicy mousse?? Wow never heard of it !!!
    BTw my personal fav of eating eggplant is in its chutney avatar…taste delicious with spicy flaky flatbread called koki.*salivating* 🙂

  2. This is beautiful! I’m conflicted about eggplants 🙂 They’re so beautiful but I have a hard time with their consistency. I really want to remember to try this recipe to see if I can be swayed.

  3. We love love love eggplants at my home. I love the way you have handled this amazing mousse. a savoury mousse…I remember seeing a food network show where you had to make a dish that LOOKED like ice cream that is really a savoury which is spicy and tangy! Lovely pics there…yellow!!!


  4. It looks gorgeous! I would love to make this dish since I’m a big fan of eggplants. my mum usually uses eggplants to deep fry a bit and put it into japanese soy sauce or fry the eggplants with red peppers and sprinkles of chinese dried salted fish.

    Is there any other way that I can mix the ingredients in this recipe though? Sadly I dont have a food processor at home 😦

  5. Mmm, that sounds so delicious! I love the idea of stuffing eggplants with goat cheese and baking them! They’re so delicious!

  6. I would have never guessed, all these ingredients could ever be out together to make something that looks so delicious! Way to go gurl…..

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