Mad baker’s tea party

Chocolate and jalapeño brownies with sticky toffee cheese fondue

There are days when I adore subtle flavours that loiter around for a few seconds and make a quick exit. Like a pulpy, pink strawberry icecream or a lemon sorbet. At one moment you feel the burst of fruit and the other, there is only that calming coolness. And there are days when strong, lingering flavours, catch my fancy – like a cold wasabi or basil icecream.

Today, I wanted something of the later kind. When I mixed jalapeño with my regular brownie batter, the result was quite fascinating. At first, the brown, innocuous pieces seemed just like another cake – chocolaty and sweet. But a few seconds after biting into its gooey exterior, a jolt of zingy jalapenos shakes your palate. Since the flavour refuses to budge, I tamed it with a sticky toffee cheese fondue.For the jalapeño brownies


½ cup refined flour

Paste of 3 jalapenos

1 teaspoon coffee powder (dissolved in hot water)

¼ cup cocoa powder

5 tablespoon powdered sugar

¼ teaspoon salt

½ tsp baking soda

2 tablespoon vegetable oil

½ cup butter milk

Method: Preheat the oven at 200 degree celsuis. In a bowl, sift together flour, cocoa powder, sugar and baking powder. In another bowl, mix all the liquids together. Mix the dry and liquid ingredients and add in the jalapeno paste. Beat the mixture well and pour it into a greased baking tray. Bake it for 20-25 minutes and remove from the oven. Once it cools down, cut it into bite sized pieces.

For the sticky toffee cheese fondue


½ cup sticky toffee cheese (grated)

¼ cup cream

Sugar as per taste

Method: In a thick bottomed pan, tip in the cheese and cream. Once the cheese melts completely, add in the sugar and keep mixing the fondue to avoid lumps. Remove from fire and serve it hot with the brownies.

This story was first published on the Vogue, India website.


92 thoughts on “Mad baker’s tea party

  1. Wow, you are really getting creative. Because I’m daring, I would like to taste that. Sounds very interesting. Are you a chef for real because you sound like it! Love the name of the post – excellent and quite fitting!

  2. This is quite a daring recipe ..:) Sticky toffee cheese… I have to make a note of it and remember to ask around next time when I go shopping..:)
    I can imagine the flavours..:) Yummy yum..:)

  3. They sound wild and very exotic. I bought my husband some red cups and a packet of hot chilll chocolate drinking chocolate as he is very keen on chillis in everything and I have seen increasingly exotic pairings with chocolate from the chocolatiers like Artisan du Chocolat. The toffee cheese sauce is a new one on me and I am very interested in that idea as I love toffee and caramel particularly. The Norwegians have a sweet brown cheese called gjetost, which looks like fudge, I wonder if that is like your toffee cheese? 😀

    • My toffee cheese is pale white with bits of real toffee in there. Overall it has a firm texture with a mild aroma and a potent taste. If your family likes the chilli and chocolate combination, they are sure to love this recipe. You can even substitute the cheese for some dark chocolate and chilli fondue. I bet it will work out just as well 😀

  4. I want to attend your tea party! OMG that sounds delicious! I love brownies and that gooiness inside! 😀 and with jalapenos! Very daring! I’d love to try! Sticky toffee cheese fondue, now that’s sinful! 😀 Yum! 😀

    Pictures are amazing! 😀

    • Hey, thank you for your lovely comment. I feel so encouraged! Sticky toffee cheese is cheese flavoured with sticky toffee cheese. Simple as that 😉 It has bits of real toffee in there. Sometimes I am guilty of eating it as a dessert.

  5. hhhmmm, i’m undecided on this one harry… 😉 the chocolate and the jalapenos are ok but the cheese i’m not so sure about…

    • Hey, I appreciate your feedback. Until now, they called me Celery and now Harry too 😉 Chocolate and jalapeno is a hot combination, I used the sweet cheese to ease the flavours. Give it a shot, you might surprise yourself 😀

  6. I love to bake! Thanks for checking my dog blog out, it would be lovely if you subscribe.

    Drooling over your savory pictures!!!

    YOU are my new favorite.

    • Thank you. We have a few cheese bars in the city, they stock on some amazingly flavoured cheeses -pepper and blueberry to name two. This one looked delicious and so I picked it up. I must confess, it took me a few days to think up what to do with it :p

  7. This looks absolutely fascinating – I love mixing up flavours like this. I do find for every fantastic combination, one has to fail with at least10 stomach churning attempts first!

    Love your blog by the way…

  8. It is a really interesting idea! I can’t imagine how it tastes like.
    I’ve tried potato chips poured chocolate and red pepper powder.
    It was unique tastes. I’d like to try this brownie, too!

  9. Chocolate brownies with jaleponos topped a toffee cheese fondue! What a mix of divergent flavors blended into a delicious treat! I would have never dreamed of such a combo. BRAVO!! I love your ideas for blending foods into interesting pieces of eclectic edibles. So cool! Keep creating. Keep writing. You need to write a book!

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